Boasting deep popularity among medium format cameras
Swedish prestigious Hasselblad.
Among the most popular models
It is the arrival of "HASSELBLAD 500C / M".

While being a classic camera,
Quality that has performance that can be used to create works
It is a high 6x6 format camera.

The serial number will be UC168786.
The serial number of A12 magazine will be UC466376.
The magazine and the serial match.

Accessories are as follows.
·Outer case


Operation has been confirmed.
The winding and shutter charge operations are normal.
I feel the pull-in and out of the lid slightly heavy.
Slight scratches and threads can be seen
Affixed leather is also in good condition.
A fine thread can be seen on the tripod mount.
Dust contamination can be seen.
Some dirt is seen on the screen.
Shading material:
It needs to be replaced due to deterioration over time.
There are scratches and threads due to use.

Product number: 20601774

Product condition: B / good