Nikon F3/T SN.8522212

Nikon F3 will be sold for about 20 years until the end of sales in 2000.
Nikon's single-lens reflex camera that has been active,
This is a titanium exterior.
The specification itself is the same as F3HP,
The film counter number is white.
It becomes flagship machine "F3 / T 8522212".
Comes with an HP viewfinder for Nikon F3.
You can see the full view of the viewfinder even when wearing glasses.
The shutter speed is A, X, T, B, 8s-1 / 2000s.
Mount becomes Nikon F mount.

Accessories are as follows.

・ Nikon body cap
・ Nikon CF-22 leather case


Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter is released normally.
The shutter speed is also variable
The accuracy is unknown because it is a visual confirmation.
The light meter also operates in response to light.
There is no liquid crystal leak.
Mirror up:
It moves normally.
The mirror is also relatively beautiful.
There are fine threads due to aging
It is a relatively beautiful state.
There is contamination of dust.
No problem.
You can see fine threads and scratches due to use.

Product condition: B / good