This is Kyocera's high-end compact camera "CONTAX T2D".
This camera, which was released in 1990,
Combining a compact body and Carl Zeiss lens,
By doing AF furthermore "Anytime" "Anywhere" Do not miss shutter opportunities
It is an ideal camera combining high quality and handiness.
This "T2D" which inherited after the first "T"
"Compact" and "High Performance" further refined,
The relationship between the lens and the body,
It becomes a model whose completeness has become higher than the first generation.
It is recommended for anniversaries etc. because it has a calendar function.

The serial number of the body will be 192324.
The shutter speed will be 1 s - 1/500 s.
The lens will be Carl Zeiss Sonar 38 mm f / 2.8.
Accessories are as follows.
· Strap (Usability is strong)


It becomes operation confirmed.
Dial, self timer, hoist rewind, etc.
There is no problem in the overall operation.
Exposure compensation, backside data back etc are also normal
We are operating.
There are threads and scratches due to use and aging.
If you hit a strong light there is little chile contamination
Although it can be seen, in the viewfinder inside the viewfinder
Bright frame and display etc can be confirmed firmly
It is in a clear state.
Light blocking material
No problem.
If you hit a strong light,
Small dust contamination is seen
There is no problem with visual inspection.

Product control number: 10210056