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HASSELBLAD Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm F2.8 T*


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A prestigious camera manufacturer in Sweden
Interchangeable lens of Hasselblad (Hasselblad)
It is arrival of "Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm F2.8 T *".
Of a good angle of view of about 44mm in 35mm conversion
It becomes a standard lens.

Daily use, one when troubled
It is a lens of great success in every scene.

The serial number is 6067538.
The aperture is from 2.8 to 22 and the shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 500s.
The accessories are as follows.
・ HASSELBLAD lens shade


Focus ring, aperture ring,
Both the aperture blades work properly.
The accuracy of the shutter shift is unknown
In visual confirmation, it will be in a state where there is almost no problem.
It will be in the state where the thread and the wound of the aged are seen.
There are fine scratches
There is no problem in use.
Although it is almost beautiful by visual observation,
Depending on the angle, a 1 cm-sized line scratch on the lens surface can be seen.
If you hold a strong light, you can see thin cumoli and dust.