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LEICA Leitz Wetzlar SUMMARON 35mm F2.8 Nr.1782694 since1960 Mmount


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Right-angle wide-angle lens that stands out with small lens barrel and elegant appearance
It is the arrival of "SUMMARON 35mm F2.8".
The comfortable one that fits beautifully in the M type is a lossless lens.
The image is highly satisfying, with beautiful gradation expression like Leica and a gentle, calm image.

The serial number is 1782694.
It is guessed that it is made in 1960 from the serial number.
The aperture is 2.8-22 and the number of blades is ten.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Leica front lens cap
・ Leica rear lens cap


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with the operation of the focus ring or the aperture.
Distance meter interlocking is possible.
It is unknown about the accuracy of infinity because I did not check it after shooting.
You can see the old thread and scratches.
There is a wound that goes around one place where the numerical value of the aperture is written.
No problem.
You can see the age-old wipes.
When I hit a strong light
You can check the thin Kumari along the middle ball circumference.