Leica minilux zoom VARIO-ELMAR 35-70 mm F3.5-6.5

This item has a striking design that looks like LEICA
It becomes "minilux zoom".
Although it is a program AE machine,
It is a compact camera that you can play with MF.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number of the body is 2451812.
The lens attached is "LEICA VARIO-ELMAR 35-70mm F3.5-6.5".

The accessories are as follows.

・ Lens cap


It will be confirmed operation.
The shutter is released without problems.
Winding up and rewinding, auto exposure,
The self-timer also works properly.
There is no problem with flash firing.
The zooming is also smooth.
There is no problem with the liquid crystal display.
Less scratch scratch
It is relatively clean.
There is a mixture of dust and a thin cloud.
There is no problem with visibility.
Shading material:
It is in good condition.
It is in a beautiful state visually.
It can be seen by holding a strong light.
It is an impression that the inner ball is slightly stuck
There is no effect on shooting.

Product management number: 20595527