Interchangeable Lens for Mamiya's medium format camera "Mamiya 6" series
It is the arrival of "G 150mm F4.5L".
It is a medium telephoto lens of about 82 mm in 35 mm conversion.

The serial number is 308454.
Mount is a mount for Mamiya 6.
The aperture is 4.5-32, and the number of blades is five.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Dedicated food


Operation has been confirmed.
The aperture and helicoid work well.
There is no problem opening and closing the lens shutter.
The accuracy of the shutter shift is unknown
In visual confirmation, it will be in a state where there is almost no problem.
There is no noticeable scratch or scratch,
There is little feeling of use.
The seal of the serial number is peeled off.
There is no problem.
Optics (lens):
It looks like it looks beautiful.
If you hold a strong light, you can see the mixture of chili in the center ball.