Limited production of 2500 in 2005
It becomes "Nikon SP LIMITED EDITION".
This camera follows the Nikon S3 reprinted in 2000.
Limited 2500 units (Black only) are manufactured in 2005.

In the familiar big gold box,
It contains a cardboard box and a small gold box.
There is also a cosmetic box inside the cardboard box,
A small gold box contains a dedicated camera case.
After, instruction manual,
Number certificate (SP0001 to SP2500. Body and lens have the same number),
An aluminum lens cap and a dedicated metal hood are also included.
Lens with
It becomes "W-Nikkor 3.5cm F1.8".
Become a popular large aperture wide lens,
Lens constitution becomes five pieces seven pieces,
It is multi-coated.

The difference between the original SP and the representative film is that the film frame number display of 20 has been changed to 24 sheet display.
Film sensitivity has changed from ASA to ISO.

It is a fairly good individual that is almost unused.
As there are original boxes
If you are a collector, make sure to buy
I think if you consider it!

The serial number of the body is 0542.
The shutter speed is T, B, 1-1 / 1000.
The serial number of the lens will be 0542 as well.
The aperture will be 1.8-22.
The number of aperture blades is nine.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Nikon dressing case
・ Nikon outer box (serial match)
-Nikon Instruction Manual
・ Nikon genuine suspension bracket
・ Nikon original lens cap
・ Nikon genuine food
・ Nikon camera case


It will be confirmed operation.
Shutter shift, winding, rewinding,
There is no problem with the operation of the film counter.
The lens has also been tested.
The aperture ring and aperture blades operate normally.
It is a very beautiful condition like a new item.
Slight coating degradation,
You can see a small amount of dust on the inside,
There is no problem at all in visual recognition.
There are no problems with bright frames and double images.
It is a very beautiful condition like a new item.
It is clear when seeing with the naked eye,
Holding a strong light
There is very little dust and dirt.