This item is OM series super wide angle shift lens
It becomes "OM-SYSTEM ZUIKO AUTO-SHift 24mm F3.5".
As it was the only 24 mm shift lens at the time of release
To want to use this lens
It seems that some people changed to OM.
By trimming an image equivalent to 18 mm to 24 mm
The image circle is as large as about 60 mm in diameter.
Because of that the size of the lens itself becomes large
To use the center of a large lens
Demonstrate a much better depiction than usual
We can enjoy wonderful depiction even from the opening.
In addition, the peripheral light reduction is small enough to forget that it is super wide angle
There is no chromatic aberration or peripheral aberration at all.
Coloring is such that the primary colors are slightly emphasized.

The aperture value is 3.5-22, and the number of diaphragm blades is six.
The serial number is 101316.
It becomes the following accessories.
・ Front lens cap
・ Rear lens cap
・ Lens case


It will be confirmed operation.
Aperture ring, focus ring
It works smoothly.
The movement of the diaphragm blade and the shift part is also good.
There are slight scratches and threads due to use
It is relatively clean.
There is one small wound in the front ball.
Holding strong light and mixing of fine dust
Very slight cloudiness is seen in the center ball.