PENTAX smc PENTAX 67 105mm F2.4 67mount

This is for the popular Pentax 67 series
Standard single-focus lens "smc PENTAX 67 105mm F2.4".
Although it is a lens equivalent to 50mm in 35mm conversion, if it is Rokunana size
It becomes a standard lens that you can enjoy a great sense of blur.

The serial number is 8536099.
The aperture is 2.4-22 and the number of blades is nine.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Front lens cap


It will be confirmed operation.
For the movement of the focus ring and the aperture
No problem.
It is a used condition with a feeling of use,
I do not see the noticeable thread and scratches.
No problem.
It is in a beautiful state visually.
When I hit a strong light, it was mixed with Chile
You can see the uneven wiping in the middle ball.