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Ricoh GR1 silver GR LENS 28mm F2.8


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This was released in 1994,
Even now, numerous as a strongest snap shooter
It becomes "GR1" that is loved by photographers.
Image quality does not fall to the periphery in wide-angle 28mm F value 2.8
High spec GR lens and lightweight and strong
Body with magnesium die casting,
Easy to use and thoughtfully designed.
Fully armed with all the elements needed for a snap shot,
This compact camera is just about every single day of everyday life
It should be the best love machine not to miss.
The serial number of the body is KA106823.
The lens attached is "GR LENS 28mm F2.8".

Accessories are as follows.

・ Soft case (with damage)
·instruction manual


It will be confirmed operation.
The shutter is released without problems.
There is no problem with winding and rewinding.
It works without any problems.
The flash and the self-timer
It works normally and there is no problem.
The DATE function is also normal.
There are threads and scratches due to age,
You can use it without any problem.
There is fine dusty mixture and slightly cloudy,
There is no problem with visibility.
Optics (lens):
It is clear when seeing with the naked eye,
With a strong light
There is slight contamination of chili.
It has no effect on shooting.

Product control number: 20595680