This is Canon's super large caliber single focus lens
It becomes "CANON LENS 50 mm F 0.95".
It is a lens that can be used with CANON 7 and CANON 7s, and its brightness is phenomenal F 0.95
It is a lens boasting tremendous brightness.
This lens, which was released in 1960 in Photokina and released in 1961,
Among commercially available photographic lenses, it is the largest brightest large aperture lens,
I gathered the topic as a dream lens that is brighter than the human eye.
Because it is impossible to design the lens, it is easy to fall off in the peripheral light intensity etc
Although it is a lens with some habit, there are only impacts to supplement it
It is a dish that you can taste the passion of Canon that you put on the lens at the time.

It is a rare lens with very hard arrival.
Please take this opportunity to purchase.

The lens serial number is 10902.
The brightness is F. 0.95 - 16 and the aperture blades become ten.
The lens composition is 7 groups in 5 groups.
Accessories are as follows.
· Canon front lens cap
· Canon 72 mm lens filter


It becomes operation confirmed.
The diaphragm ring and diaphragm blades are generally in motion,
The helicoid is also working, but feeling when turning is
I feel a little heavy.
There are threads and scratches by aging, use,
Although fine paint peeling etc. are seen in the focus ring,
Considering the age, it is almost beautiful.
There are threads and scratches by aging, use.
Although it looks roughly clear visually,
When a strong light is applied, fine chips are mixed inside
Scratches on the squares, scratches and small molds on the rear balls are seen.
Oil stains are seen in the diaphragm blades.