Canon NEW FD 135mm F2

The serial number is 21643.
The aperture is 2-32.
There are 8 diaphragm blades.
Mount is Canon FD mount.
The accessories are as follows.
· Front lens cap
· Rear lens cap
· Genuine 72mm SKYLIGHT 1X filter
· Genuine lens case


It is operation confirmed.
The aperture ring has a click feeling,
The focus ring is also smooth.
No problem with aperture blades.
Although there are slight small scratches,
The feeling of use is small, it is in a beautiful state.
Although it is somewhat small scratches and threads of aging can be seen.
Optical (lens):
There is no noticeable scratch on the surface of the lens,
There is fine dirt on the inside of the front ball,
If you hit a strong light and fine chili inside the lens
It is mixed.
It is a relatively beautiful state by visual inspection.

Item No. 10205790