CONTAX Distagon 25mm F2.8 T * Carl Zeiss AEG Y / C mount

The serial number is 6458936.
The aperture is 2.8-22.
There are 6 aperture blades.
Mount is Y / C mount.
made in West Germany
Accessories are as follows.
・ CONTAX front lens cap
・ CONTAX rear lens cap
・ CONTAX pouch


The operation has been confirmed.
For focus ring and aperture operations
No problem.
There is a feeling of use, there are small scratches and dirt,
There are no noticeable scratches or dirt.
There is no problem with the connection.
Overall, there is little contamination of Chile, but tickle is seen around the center ball.
It seems that it does not affect the shooting so much.

Product management number: 20596443

Product status: C / average