This is the 6x4.5-format AF single-lens reflex camera of CONTAX
It becomes "645 017703".
The perfection of a medium-format single-lens reflex camera
It is still a masterpiece loved by many professional photographers.
Automatic focusing and automatic film winding,
You can use automatic exposure compensation (aperture priority AE),
Astonishing shutter speed 1/4000, as a medium format film camera
Boasts flash sync speed 1/250,
You can release high-speed shutters that can not be achieved by others.
In addition, the finder is equipped with a high-performance, easy-to-see, easy-to-see mountain
The exterior design is also very stylish.

This syntax 645 is
Use digital back such as Phase One (Phase One) or Leaf (leaf)
It also supports digital photography.
The finder attached to the body
It becomes MF-1 and MF-2.
Accessories are as follows.
・ CONTAX body cap (MK-B)
・ CONTAX MFB-1A insert (built-in)
・ CONTAX MFB-1B insert
· CONTAX Another magazine MFB-1 (MFB-1A insert built-in)
・ CONTAX Genuine strap (with bracket)
・ CONTAX Instruction Manual
・ CONTAX DIOPTER LENS MFW type (-3, -1.5, +2)
・ CONTAX cable switch
・ CONTAX Battery holder MP-1 (with grip belt)
・ CONTAX West Level Finder MF-2
・ CONTAX polaroid back MFB-2 (two)
・ CONTAX 645 AUTO EXETENSION TUBE (13 mm, 26 mm, 52 mm)


It will be confirmed operation.
The operation with the lens attached is also confirmed.
There is no problem with MF / AF.
Operation of each part, shutter normally released,
There is no problem with speed shifting.
The inner LED is also shining well.
It becomes used condition with a feeling of use,
I do not see noticeable thread and scratches.
Each part has a back cover.
There is a thread associated with use.