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CONTAX 645 Carl Zeiss Distagon 45mm F2.8 T*


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This is a wide-angle lens for Contax 645
It becomes "645 Distagon 45mm F 2.8 T * Carl Zeiss".
The angle of view is equivalent to approximately 28 mm in 35 mm conversion.
This is a wide-angle lens that represents the Contax 645 system.
It's sharp and it's an excellent depiction.
The aperture is 2.8-32.
The serial number is 15049518.
Accessories are as follows.
・ CONTAX front lens cap
・ CONTAX Rear cap
・ CONTAX 72mm P-Filter


It will be confirmed operation.
For MF / AF operation and aperture ring operation
The problem is not seen and it is in good condition.
Although the thread and wound by use are seen,
It is relatively clean.
You can see the thread accompanying the use.
There is a small wound before me.
Holding a strong light
Slightly contaminated with chili is seen.

Product control number: 20592250