CONTAX Carl Zeiss Distagon 28mm F2.8 T* AEJ Y/Cmount


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CONTAX etc Y / C mount usable easy to use angle of view
"Carl Zeiss Distagon 28mm f / 2.8 T * AEJ" is in stock!
From Zeiss' s precise portrayal of landscape photographs and building snaps to snapshots
It will be a wide-angle lens that will be active in a wide range of scenes.
It is recommended for the second lens from the standard lens.
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The serial number is 5993980.
The aperture is 2.8 - 22, the number of feathers is six.
The accessories are as follows.
· Lens cap (front and rear)

In case
It becomes operation confirmed.
For focus ring and aperture ring motion
There is no problem and it is in good condition.
It is a state where aging threads and scratches are seen and a feeling of use is felt.
Although it is a state where there is almost no problem visually
Dust contamination can be seen when holding a strong light.