CONTAX Carl Zeiss Hologon 16 mm F 8 T * G mount SN.8122038


This time it is a super wide-angle lens that captivates viewers
It is "Carl Zeiss Hologon 16 mm F 8 8122038".
It appeared in 1994 for the CONTAX G series.

The accessories are as follows.
CONTAX front lens cap (GK-54)
· CONTAX rear lens cap (GK-R2)
· CONTAX dedicated gradation filter 4X
· CONTAX viewfinder (GF-16 mm)
CONTAX lens case
· CONTAX outer case (serial matching)
· 2 CONTAX Cross Cases
· CONTAX instruction manual


It is operation confirmed.
Problems such as distance ring can not be seen and it works normally.

It is in general good condition.

It is in general good condition.

Although it is clear with the naked eye,
With a strong light
There is slight contamination of dust.
It does not affect shooting.
There is a slight dust in the viewfinder,
It is almost good.