This is the rangefinder camera of CONTAX (Contax)
It becomes "G1".
Aperture priority AE, film winding and rewinding automation,
It becomes a range finder camera that is being computerized, such as adopting a liquid crystal display.
This is a ROM remodeled one.
This time, it will be a set with the genuine strobe TLA140.
Please expand the variation of shooting and enjoy shooting.

The serial number of the body will be 070294.
The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 2000s.
Accessories are as follows.
・ CONTAX leather case
・ CONTAX body cap
・ CONTAX strap
・ CONTAX TLA140 case


Operation has been confirmed.
Shutter speed shift, auto focus
Overall operation such as film winding and rewinding
It works without problems and the included flash
It works normally.
There are threads and scratches due to use and age,
There is a slight leak on the counter LCD screen.
One strap ring on the side of the body is missing.
It is in a relatively beautiful state visually.
When it is exposed to strong light, fine dust and
You can see a small cloud.
Shading material
No problem.
There are thin threads and scratches due to use,
There is a slight adhesion of the characteristic blue rust.