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CONTAX S2 60 years edition Y / C mount


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Kyocera sold in 1992
Y / C mount only mechanical single lens camera
"CONTAX S2 60 years edition" is in stock!
The logo mark commemorating the 60th anniversary carved on the shoulder is very cool.
Battery-free full mechanical shutter and easy to see
Finder, familiar Titanium body
It's fun, long lasting, you can enjoy Y / C mount with confidence
It is a recommended single-lens reflex camera.
Since the operation system is also a right hand shutter dial which is a standup
It is a good place to use it without thinking hard.
If you insert a battery, you can check the exposure in the viewfinder
As beginners beginners are safe as well.
Also, with shutter speed of 1/4000 s maximum speed
Zeiss lenses often seen from opening up
I think that you can enjoy it with full power.
Please take this opportunity to purchase!

The serial number of the body is 010384.
The shutter speed is B, 1 s to 1/4000 s.
The accessories are as follows.
·instruction manual
·Hanging bracket
· Bracket batting leather


In case
It becomes operation confirmed.
Shutter speed shift
Self-timer, winding up and rewinding
There is no problem and it is in good condition.
The exposure meter also works with roughly no problem.
I can not see scratches and threads
It is a beautiful state with less use feeling.
If you look closely with holding a strong light
Although you can see Chile slightly,
It is in a clear state in normal use.
Also in the viewfinder display
There is no problem.
Light shielding material
It is in good condition.
Although there are threads etc. accompanying use,
No problem.

Product control number: 10207026