The last compact camera of CONTAX (Contax)
"CONTAX T3 late model" is in stock.
Presently-popular high-end models
While inheriting the performance of "T2"
Miniaturization of body size, speed up shutter speed etc
Significant performance improvement has been given.
The lens attached is a newly developed 4 groups 6 pieces
It is "Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35 mm f / 2.8 T *".
Compared to T2, it is a modern, high-quality modern appearance.
In addition, the focal length has been widened from 38 mm to 35 mm, and the shortest shooting distance is also
It is half the distance of T2, it is possible to close up to 35cm.
This time the individual stabilized the hoisting function etc.
It will be a late model.
Please purchase this opportunity.

The serial number of the body is 065191.
The aperture is 2.8 - 16.
The accessories are as follows.
· Camera case


It is operation confirmed.
Lens feeding, shutter, winding up
The whole operation such as rewind, self timer and flash
I am almost done.
It does not do skip skipping of select dial.
Considering the age, it is a relatively beautiful state,
There is a slight thread due to aging, use,
Small scratches are seen near the shutter button.
Although it is a beautiful state visually, it has strong light
There is fine dust mixing when hit, slight scratches
There is. Internal frame and LED etc can be confirmed.
There are futures due to aging.
It is almost beautiful by eye observation.
If you give a strong light, you can see the mixing of fine dust.