CONTAX T3 Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F 2.8 T * Early type

This is a high-end compact camera of CONTAX (Contax)
It will be "T3".

The serial number of the body is 002191.
The accessories are as follows.
CONTAX camera case
· 30.5 adapter
· Lens filter 30.5 mm B 2 (82 A) MC · Instruction manual


It is operation confirmed.
Shutter / flash, self timer,
Automatic hoisting works normally.
The aperture dial is slightly hard.
Although a few threads are seen,
Severe atari and others affecting shooting are not seen.
The film room is in a beautiful state.
It is very clear.
There is no effect on normal shooting,
There is a slight chile contamination.
No molds or clouds are visible.
It has not deteriorated and is beautiful.
There is no noticeable scratch on the surface of the lens.
It is clear without fog or cloud in the lens.

Product control number: 10199354