CONTAX T3 Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35 mm F 2.8 T * Single tooth

This is CONTAX (Contax) compact camera
It becomes "T3 032191".
While inheriting the performance of the previous model T2,
Body size downsizing, shutter speed
Improvements such as speeding up are added models.
The lens with attached
It becomes "Sonnar 35 mm F 2.8 T * Carl Zeiss".
The lens composition is 6 groups in 4 groups.
Here is a reputation for the viewability of the viewfinder.
The aperture is 2.8 - 16.
The accessories are as follows.
· CONTAX Instruction Manual
· CONTAX strap
CONTAX camera case
· CONTAX original box (serial matching)


It is operation confirmed.
There is no problem in operation Shutter,
Self-timer, flash
Automatic hoisting works normally.
It is very clean with less use feeling.
Noticeable threads and scratches can not be seen.
It will be clear,
There is slight contamination of dust.
It will be beautiful.
Although it is clear with the naked eye,
With a strong light
With slight contamination of chili,
I can see some spots.
The impact on shooting is small.