CONTAX T3D Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2.8 T* dobleteeth

This is a compact camera of CONTAX (Contax)
It becomes "T3D 062875".
While inheriting the performance of the previous model T2,
Miniaturization of body size, shutter speed
It is a model that has been improved such as speeding up.
Lens with
It becomes "Sonnar 35mm F 2.8 T * Carl Zeiss".
The lens configuration is 6 in 4 groups.
This has a reputation for the visibility of the finder.
The aperture is 2.8-16.
The number of claw-like teeth on the film spool is
Because it becomes double, it becomes late type.

Accessories are as follows.

・ CONTAX outer box (serial number match)
·instruction manual
・ Leather case


You can see some gaps in the lens barrier when the power is off.
There is no problem with the other operations, the shutter,
Self timer, flash
Automatic winding works properly.
Data back also works properly.
There is a fine thread
It is relatively clean.
There is some contamination of dust, but
There is no problem with visibility 
No problem.
Although the mixture of fine dust is seen
It is clear without mold and overcast.

Product management number: 20597994

Product status: B / good item