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In addition to automatic exposure and auto focus, it is equipped with automatic winding
Among FUJIFILM's medium format cameras GA 645 series that achieved full automation
It is the arrival of model "GA645Wi Professional 5060019" which is exceptionally high degree of completion.
The GA645W Professional sold as a model with a wide-angle lens
It will be a model launched in 1998 as a minor improvement.

Improvements include support for barcoded film and the addition of the front shutter button.

GA 645 series which becomes a picture on the vertical screen in the usual way of holding ...
The front shutter release button is for easier shooting in landscape view.
It's a great improvement, even smaller ones, as it makes shooting with the camera vertical much easier.

The other functions are inherited from the GA 645 series, so
You can enjoy the feeling that you can enjoy shooting easily with this kind of feeling with this camera.
The lens attached is
It becomes "SUPER-EBC FUJINON 45mm F4".
Perfect for snap shots, such as snaps and landscapes
The 28 mm wide-angle lens in 35 mm conversion demonstrates its power in any scene.

The shutter speed is B, 2s-1 / 700s.
The aperture will be 4-22.
The number of aperture blades is seven.
The shutter number is displayed as 002 00.
Accessories are as follows.
・ FUJIFILM lens cap
・ FUJIFILM soft case
・ FUJIFILM dedicated food
-FUJIFILM instruction manual
・ FUJIFILM outer box (serial match)


Operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem in operation Shutter flash
Self-timer and automatic winding work normally.
There is no problem with other operations.
There is hardly any thread or scratch
It is a beautiful state with little feeling of use.
You can see the dust and cloud over time.
There is no problem in practical use.
Display of exposure etc. in the viewfinder
Frame display etc. is also a state of the problem.
It is in a beautiful state visually.
Holding a strong light and fine dust in the lens
A thin cloud is slightly visible.