FUJIFILM GA645Wi Professional / SUPER-EBC FUJINON 45mm F4

AF medium format film camera of FUJIFILM GA645Wi Professional.

The serial number will be 4090296.
The shutter speed is B, 2s-1 / 700s.
The lens is “SUPER-EBC FUJINON 45mm F4”.
The aperture is 4-22, and the aperture blades are 7 sheets.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Filter (L1Bc 52mm)


The operation has been confirmed.
Shutter, flash, self-timer, winding,
There is no problem with the operation of the aperture and the operation of buttons and dials.
We have confirmed the shutter speed shift and exposure meter operation, but the accuracy is unknown.
There is a thread by use.
There is no problem with the LCD display.
There are threads, dusty mixture, mold, and slightly spiders, but it is a level that does not matter when you peek.
The internal white frame and display can be confirmed.
No problem.
There is a mixture of dust, and it is a little spider.
Mold is not found.

Product status: C / average