FUJIFILM GA645Zi Professional SUPER-EBC FUJINON 55-90mm F4.5-6.9


This is medium-sized camera of FUJIFILM (Fuji Film)
It becomes "GA645 Zi Professional".
This camera has auto focus and auto exposure
It will be equipped with automatic winding and the like.
It is one of the recommended ones to enjoy high quality medium format photos easily.
The zoom lever is located on the back of the GA645Zi where the right thumb is hooked.
Because it is a beauty product that is not readily received, please purchase early.
Lens with
It becomes "SUPER-EBC FUJINON 55-90mm F4.5-6.9".
The serial number is 3070103.
The total number of shots is 16000 counts.
Accessories are as follows.
・ FUJIFILM front lens cap
・ Kenko lens filter


Operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem in operation, shutter, flash,
Self-timer, automatic winding
The accuracy is unknown but it works.
There is no problem with the zoom and the liquid crystal display on the back.
You can see fine scratches and threads due to use.
If you hold strong light, you will see dust and slight cloudiness.
No problem.
Holding strong light and mixing ofÂdust.
You can also see the lusciousness in the middle ball.