HASSELBLAD 503 CX + A 12 magazine

The serial number of the body is RE 1427846.
The serial number of the A12 magazine is UP 430099.
Cereals inside and outside the magazine match.
The accessories are as follows.
· Body cap


It is operation confirmed.
There is no problem with hoisting and rewinding.
The operation of the magazine is also smooth.
Although there are fine scratches and threads due to aging,
Given the age, it is a beautiful state.
Although there are some scratches and threads on the tripod seat,
It is comparatively beautiful.
You can not see standing out.
You can see fine chillies on the screen
It is roughly a problem free.
Pinto food loupe also has no problem.
Light shielding material:
No problem.
There are fine scratches, but there is no problem.

Product control number: 10206080