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HASSELBLAD 503CW + A12magazine


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Hasselblad (Hasselblad) will be a Swedish camera manufacturer.
In the era of large camera boom,
For the first time in the world convenient to carry
We have introduced an interchangeable lens 6 x 6 cm single-lens reflex camera.
Paste the pulpas on the inside of the body,
It is to prevent internal reflection even on the body side
It becomes the feature of "503 series".
As the final evolution system of the popular V series
It is the arrival of "HASSELBLAD 503CW" which was released in 1996.
We can photograph with screen size of square 6x6 size
"HASSELBLAD A12" is attached.

The serial number of the body is S / N 19ER18934.
The serial number of the A16 magazine is S / N 30ER17047.
The serials inside and outside the magazine are identical.
The accessories are as follows.
-HASSELBLAD body former box (serial match)
-HASSELBLAD Magazine original box (serial match)
-HASSELBLAD Instruction Manual
・ HASSELBLAD body cap


Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter is released normally and there is no problem with winding and rewinding.
The operation of the magazine is also smooth.
There is no problem with each counter.
There is no problem with the lens removal button.
It becomes a used state with few feeling of use.
I do not see the gap of leather and me.
It will be generally good.
Shading material:
There is no crack in the distinctive pulpas material.
It will be generally good.
There is a thread associated with use.