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HASSELBLAD Carl Zeiss Planar CFE 80mm F2.8 T *


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The serial number is 8884108.
The aperture is 2.8-22 and the shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 500s.
The accessories are as follows.
・ HASSELBLAD front lens cap
・ HASSELBLAD Rear lens cap


The focus ring, aperture ring and aperture blades operate normally.
The accuracy of the shutter shift is unknown
In the visual confirmation, it will be in a state without problems.
You can see fine threads and scratches over time,
The overall feeling of use is less beautiful.
There are fine scratches
There is no problem in use.
It is in a beautiful state visually.
If you hit a strong light, you can see the contamination of Chile.

Product management number: 10221613