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Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad
Attaching to the 503 CW and 503 CXi instead of the grip for holding makes it an excellent thing to automatically wind up.
By mounting, it is possible to switch between 0.8 fps continuous shooting, single-frame shooting and multiple exposures.
It becomes possible to do with the dial of the grip.
In addition, remote control photography that is rare as a medium format camera is possible.
Remote imaging within 10m is possible with a dedicated infrared remote control.

The serial number is S / N 432EU3041.
Accessories are as follows.
-HASSELBLAD original box (serial match)
・ IR (infrared) remote control


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with operation dial switching.
There is no problem with IR (Infrared) remote control.
It is a good condition with less feeling,
You can see fine thread and scratches.