Konica Hexa Black Konica Hexa lens 35 mm F 2.0

It was released in 1992, and still boasts high popularity from high performance and high image quality specifications
Konica's luxury compact camera "HEXAR" is in stock.

The lens is a lens that was sent out in response to the desire of the camera fan
It becomes a bright semi-wide angle lens of Hexar 35 mm f / 2.0.
There is no doubt that you will be deprived of Konica's warmth and refined portrayal.
Premium compact camera with high degree of completeness
Please enjoy this opportunity.

The serial number of the body is 0042020.
The shutter speed will be 30 s - 1/250 s.
The aperture is 2 - 22 and the number of aperture blades is 6.
Accessories are as follows.
·instruction manual


It becomes operation confirmed.
AF, MF, shutter, winding up rewinding,
Self-timer, button operation is working normally.
Overall there is a feeling of use and you can see fatigue on the exterior,
There is a dent in the bottom corner, and there are some cracks.
Chile and others are mixed in the viewfinder.
Light blocking material
No problem.
It is a beautiful state by eye observation.
Chilli contamination can be seen when holding a strong light,
It will have no effect on shooting.

Product control number: 10203922