Konica HEXANON LENS 60mm F1.2 L mount

Renewed the phantom lens that Konica sold in 1955
Ultra rare lens "HEXANON LENS 60mm F1.2" which has been sold with 800 pieces limited has arrived!

In addition to its rarity, for the soft depiction of the hexanon lens
It is a book that you can enjoy the delicate image typical of a large aperture lens with the brightness of F1.2.

The mount is L mount, but
As L / M ring is attached this time, not only camera of Varnak type L mount,
It can also be used with M-mount cameras like the HEXAR RF.
In addition, even with digital cameras such as mirrorless one eye by using mount adapter
You can enjoy the wonderful image that melts this lens.

It becomes a good beauty product of the state where the previous owner was kept carefully.
This lens, which is rarely in stock, can only be tasted by the hand
It is a really special lens.
Please enjoy it by all means.

The serial number will be 372/800.
The aperture is 1.2-16 and the aperture blades are 10 pieces.
Mount is L mount.
Accessories are as follows.
・ KONICA lens hood
・ KONICA lens filter (slightly scratched.)
・ Voigt Lander M mount adapter
・ M mount rear lens cap


It will be confirmed operation.
The movement of the diaphragm ring and the diaphragm blades is generally smooth.
Helicoid movement is also smooth.
Very slight scratches can be seen,
It becomes a relatively beautiful beauty product with a small feeling of use.
There are slight threads and scratches due to use.
It is almost clear by visual inspection.
When the strong light is applied, the inside of the chili is mixed
There are slight scratches and dirt on the front ball.

Product management number: 10221617