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Konica HEXAR 35mm F2 BLACK + HX-14 flash


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Here is Konica's popular high-performance, high-quality video released in 1992
It becomes a high-end compact camera "HEXAR".
Lens was sent out in response to camera fan's request
It becomes a bright lens of Hexar 35mm F2.0.
Please enjoy a compact camera with a high degree of completion.

The serial number of the body will be 0012993.
The shutter speed is T, 30s-1 / 250.
The lens aperture is 2-22 and the number of aperture blades is six.

Accessories are as follows.
・ Front lens cap
・ Lens filter (Kenko MC SKYLIGHT [1B] 46mm)
・ HX-14 (with outer case and soft case)
・ Instruction manual (body, strobe)


It will be confirmed operation.
The shutter is generally working,
Film winding and rewinding, self-timer, etc.
Basic operation is done.
Each setting button also responds and there is no jump of the dial.
There is no problem with the operation of the HX-14's flash.
Slre and small scratches due to age and use are slightly seen,
Many minor scratches are seen on the bottom film part.
There are no noticeable scratches or Atari except at the bottom film part.
Generally in clear condition,
You can check the internal frame and LEDs.
When it is exposed to strong light, fine dust and dirt on the inside are slightly observed.
Shading material
No problem.
There is a slight damage of fine dusty contamination and spot-like coating.

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