Konica HEXAR Rhodium 35mm F2 + HX-14 AUTO date model SN. 1000362


It is a limited model released in 1994.
Everything is prized as a collector's item in secondhand market.
Konica's luxury compact camera "HEXAR Rhodium"
It becomes.
Lens is popular
It becomes a bright semi-wide angle lens of Hexar 35 mm f / 2.0.
This is a date model with date function.

The serial number of the body is 1000362.
The shutter speed will be 30-1 / 250.
The lens will be HEXAR LENS 35 mm F 2.
The aperture is 2 - 22 and the number of aperture blades is 6.
Accessories are as follows.
· Lens cap
· Lens filter
·instruction manual
· HX - 14 AUTO (with box)
· Special wooden box
· Camera case
· Cosmetic box


It becomes operation confirmed.
AF, MF, shutter, self timer
There is no problem with the overall operation.
There is no problem with film rewinding and rewinding.

Although it is in very good condition,
There is slight rust on the side.

If you hit a strong light and dust and
There is haze in frames and
It is a clear state that clearly visible LEDs etc.

Light seal material
No problem.

Although there is no problem visually,
If you hit a strong light, it will be mixed with dust
There is a thin haze in the back ball.