It was released in 1992, and still boasts high popularity from high performance and high image quality specifications
Konica's luxury compact camera "HEXAR"
I made the exterior of the hexa high in silver color and released it from 1997
"HEXAR Silver" is in stock.

The lens is a lens that was sent out in response to the desire of the camera fan
It becomes a bright semi-wide angle lens of Hexar 35 mm f / 2.0.
There is no doubt that you will be deprived of Konica's warmth and refined portrayal.
Premium compact camera with high degree of completeness
Please enjoy this opportunity.

The body's serial number will be 2820053.
The shutter speed is T, 30 s - 1/250 s.
The lens will be HEXAR LENS 35 mm F 2.
The aperture is 2 - 22 and the number of aperture blades is 6.
· Kenko lens filter (strong feeling of use)
· Complete instruction manual


It becomes operation confirmed.
AF, MF, shutter, self timer
There is no problem with the overall operation.
Film winding and rewinding also works, but,
The operation at rewinding is slightly unstable.
There are threads for aging and use,
Small Atari is seen on the left side of the body and the upper part of the back side.
If you hit a strong light and fine chili and
Although dust contamination is seen,
There is no problem in use, internal frames and
It is a clear state that clearly visible LEDs etc.
Light blocking material
No problem.
Although there is no problem visually,
If you hit a strong light, it will be mixed with dust
There is a cloud in the rear ball, near the Nakama
Scratches are seen.

Product control number: 10208926