This is Kyocera's AF compact camera, “T PROOF E
"Carl Zeiss T * Tessar 35mm F3.5" is attached
It becomes a compact camera with high depiction.
As a feature here, it has become a waterproofing specification for life.
It can be used for some bad weather, and the new angle scope
Is mounted and you can enjoy shooting as a waist level
It is a compact yet multifunctional camera.
Very suitable for taking everyday casual moments,
Because it also has a self-timer and calendar function
It also helps with anniversary and family photos.

The serial number of the body will be 023416.
The shutter speed is 1s-1 / 700s.
The brightness of the lens is 3.5.
Accessories are as follows.


It will be confirmed operation.
Energizing, shutter, winding and rewinding,
For the whole operation such as self timer, flash
No problem.
The back data back is also working.
You can see the thread and scratches, around the whole.
Also, you can see the peeling of the paint.
Fine dusty contamination is seen,
There is no problem in use and it is a clear state.
It is slightly deteriorated,
No problem.
When it is exposed to strong light, fine dust is mixed
It can be seen, but it is in a relatively beautiful state visually.