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Leica APO - MACRO - ELMARIT - R 100 mm F 2.8 ROM LEICA R mount


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Proximity shooting, portrait, landscape photography, etc.
Brand name that demonstrates its merit in various scenes
"APO - MACRO - ELMARIT - R 100 mm F 2.8 ROM" is in stock.
Melting blurred taste and seems to be sputtered
It is the best one that can taste the resolution feeling of Cureclette at the same time.

The serial number is 3890162.
The aperture is 2.8 - 22 and the number of blades is seven.
Mount is Leica R mount (ROM).
The accessories are as follows.
· Lens cap (front and rear)

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
The rotation of the focus ring and the aperture
There is no problem in operation.
There is no problem with the withdrawal of the hood.
Small scratches and threads can be seen slightly.
No problem.
Although you can see the inclusion of fine dust
There is no problem in shooting.

Product control number: 10187709