LEICA CL SN. 1306842 Leica M mount

The serial number is 1306842.
The shutter speed is B, 2 s - 1/1000 s.
Accessories are as follows. · Soft case

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
Open / close shutter, hoist rewind, etc.
It is in a state of operation.
Shutter speed shift is also checked visually
It is a state with no problem with confirmation.
Although the accuracy is unknown,
The exposure meter also works in response to light.
Many threads and scratches were observed with use,
I feel the use feeling on the whole.
The paint peeling under the apron is noticeable.
Although it is beautiful by visual observation, if you give strong light
Chile contamination and dirt are seen.
There is no problem switching the bright frame.
No problem.

Product control number: 10212126