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Leica Elmar 5 cm F3.5 collapsible L mount continental series


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This is the origin of all Leica Lenses,
A lens that is also the originator of all 35mm film camera lenses
It becomes "Elmar 5cm F 3.5 254937".
Elmar 5cmF 3.5 is the L-mount lens of the Barnack Leica era.
Produced from 1925 to 1961, it is one of Leica's leading lenses.
Elmer 5cm F3.5,
It is attached to the world's first practical 35mm film camera as a standard lens.
The person who first got Leica,
As a lens that everyone uses, a lens of 5 cm (50 mm) is
It became the standard lens of Leica.
The prewar Elmer has already been over 80 years old.
What is impressive is that despite such an old lens, it has extremely sharp resolution.
The lens configuration from serial to lens group is 4 sheets.
In addition, here, the aperture is the number "continental series".
Specifically, it will be F3.5 ~ F4.5 ~ F6.3 ~ F9 ~ F12.5 ~ F18.
The aperture will be 3.5-18.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Leica metal lens cap
・ Rear cap


It will be confirmed operation.
For the movement of the focus ring and the aperture
No problem.
It is a used state with a feeling of use.
I do not see the noticeable scratch or scratch,
There are fine thread and scratches,
There is peeling of the paint by use entirely.
There is a ground color coming out, but
It is in relatively good condition.
It is clear when seeing with the naked eye,
With a strong light
There is contamination of Chile.
In addition, there are scratches on the inner and back balls.