Leica ELMARIT-M 28 mm F 2.8 3 rd E 49 LEICA M mount SN:3276786

Developed based on the new design philosophy in 1979,
"ELMARIT-M 28 mm F 2.8 3 rd 3276786"
It becomes a wide angle single focus lens for Leica M mount.
Sharp from open to Leica color astringent color balance
It has unique charm, favorable coloration and natural saturation are preferred lenses.

The aperture is 2.8 - 22.
The number of diaphragm blades is eight.
The accessories are as follows.
· Front lens cap
· Rear lens cap

It becomes operation confirmed.
There is no problem with the operation of the focus ring and the aperture.
Sleeves by use, paint peeling of corners is slight.
Although there is a thread slightly, there is no problem in operation.
There are slight contamination of fine dust and garbage,
Scratching can be seen wiping back to the ball.
When shooting, garbage may be reflected depending on the situation.

Product control number: 10196595