LEICA Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar Elmar 5cm F3.5 SN.1184861

The collapsible lens barrel is a good looking Leica standard single focus
It is the arrival of "Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar Elmar 5cm F3.5 SN.1184861".
It is a model of M mount made in 1954.
The classical style that goes well with M3 and M2 etc.
It is a good looking one.

The aperture is 3.5-22 and the number of blades is ten.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Leica front lens cap


It will be confirmed operation.
For the movement of the focus ring and the aperture
No problem.
It can be collapsed without any problem.
Aging, there are scratches and scratches due to use,
It is a relatively beautiful state considering the age.
The dirt due to aging has adhered,
[Sure] and the fine crack by use are seen.
It looks clear at first glance,
Under strong light, the entire interior is thin,
Many scratches can be seen.
There are few problems with shooting.
We have confirmed live-action with FUJIFILM X-pro1.