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LEICA Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summar 5cm F2 sn,382800 L39 mount


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This is the arrival of Wright's first large aperture lens released from 1933 "Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summar 5cm F2 sn, 382800".
It is a lens that was not popular at the time in soft depiction
If you use it again now, it is sure that the softness and tastefulness of the original image will enhance your desire.

The aperture is 2-12.5, and the number of blades is six.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Lens cap (front and back)


It will be confirmed operation.
The distance meter can be interlocked, and the aperture and focusing ring also rotate with a sense of torque without any problem.
Since infinity is not checked in live-action, it is unknown.
Focusing and aperture operations are smooth.
It can be collapsed without any problem.
You can see the old thread and scratches.
There is no noticeable Atari or thread.
No problem.
Visually, it is possible to see old stains, dust and dirt, and dirt.
If you try to shine a strong light, it is in a state where Kumori stands out.

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