Leica IID SN.98368 Varnac Black Classic Camera Rangefinder Camera

Determined the direction of Varnak Leica after that,
It is the arrival of "Leica IID Sn, 98368" which incorporated interlocking distance meter for the first time.

The individual in stock this time has a small diameter for the shutter dial and the stop pin on the bottom lid,
It seems to be an early model manufactured around 1932.

A great opportunity to talk about Leica's history.
By all means classic Leica
Why don't you start living a photo?

Shutter speed
It becomes Z, 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500.
Accessories are as follows.


It will be confirmed operation.
The accuracy of the shutter shift is unknown
It will be in a state where there is almost no problem in visual confirmation.
The curtain was also opened and closed with no problem in visual observation.
The rear finder's and sync contacts are provided.
Slough and scratches of the old, paint peeling is seen.
Even in the area of ​​nickel plating, fading, threading and rusting can be seen.
The bottom is often seen behind a tripod and scratches.
Gutta Perka is discolored and floating.
Visually, the composition finder is clear.
The focus adjustment finder feels a little bit
The double image is solid and easy to see.
Small peels and stains can be seen by holding strong light.
No problem.

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