Leica LEITZ ELMARIT-M 21 mm F 2.8 SN.3268839 Made in Canada in 1983

It was released in 1980 to take over the successor of the super-angular
"LEITZ ELMARIT-M 21mm F 2.8 SN.3268839" is in stock.

It is one of the lenses called a new generation lens
Enjoy high gradation expression and sharp depiction
It becomes ultra wide angle lens.

High depiction capability is more than expected in architectural photography as well as landscape
It is an encouraging one that makes a reflection.

Please purchase this super wide-angle lens, this opportunity.

Mount becomes Leica M mount.

The aperture is 2.8 to 16, the number of aperture blades is 8.

The accessories are as follows.
· LEICA front lens cap (14290)
· LEICA rear lens cap (14269)


It becomes operation confirmed.
Helicoids, aperture feathers etc.
There is no problem in operation.
Threads and small scratches accompanying use are seen
Overall it is a relatively beautiful state.
There is no problem.
Optical (lens):
It is a clear state visually.
When you hold a strong light there is a chile contamination and fine wipe scratches
Although it can be checked, there is no problem in shooting.

Product control number: 10194443