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LEICA LEITZ WETZLAR SUMMILUX 50mm F1.4 1st early M mount


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Popular as Leica's bright standard single focus lens
[LEITZ WETZLAR SUMMILUX 50mm F1.4 first generation previous term SN.1789276] is the arrival of.
A neatly crafted book called a lady is an attractive one.
A large-aperture lens that represents Leica in a five-group, five-gauss configuration.
You can enjoy sharp images from the opening.
Kototai of arrival this time is the previous term model that knurl of focus ring is in valley side.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The mount is a Leica M mount.

The aperture is 1.4 to 16 and the number of aperture blades is 12.

The accessories are as follows.
・ LEICA food (12521G)
・ LEICA front cap
・ LEICA UVa filter


It will be confirmed operation.
Helicoid, aperture blade etc
There is no problem in operation.
No dents, ataris, threads, etc. in the appearance.
It is a relatively beautiful state considering the age.
There are age-related scratches, threads and dirt.
There is no problem.
Optics (lens):
It is almost beautiful condition by visual observation.
If you look closely, you can see dust and scratches on the lens surface. Holding a strong light, mixing of dust and fine scratches,
There are mold-like blemishes on the back ball.

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