LEICA LEITZ WETZLAR TELE-ELMAR 135mm F4 SN.2206569 since1966 Mmount

Most useful and balanced among telephoto lenses
[LEITZ WETZLAR TELE-ELMAR 135mm F4 SN. 2206569] is the arrival of!
It is an attractive piece that has a clean and refreshing feeling and a pleasant coloring.
The open F-number is a little, but it is compact and lightweight
To put it in a bag with the body with standard lens without bothering to carry
I think it is just a good lens.

Please purchase at this opportunity.

The aperture is 4-22 and the number of blades is 10.

The accessories are as follows.
・ LEICA front lens cap
・ LEICA food (12575)


It will be confirmed operation.
There is no problem with focus operation or aperture operation.
Helicoid is smooth to rotate in the lens barrel part
I feel heavy when rotated with the knob.
Distance meter interlocking is possible.
It is unknown about the accuracy of infinity because I did not check it after shooting.
There are threads and scratches associated with use.
There is no noticeable hit or dent.
There is no problem.
Optics (lens):
It is a relatively clear condition by visual inspection.
If you hold a strong light, you can see the dirt and dirt of old dusts.

Product control number: 20593455