Leica LEITZ WETZLAR TELYT 200 mm F4 SN.2239960 L39 mount made by 1967 (VISOFLEX)

Make a range finder's Leica single-lens reflex
Telephoto lens for VISOFLEX
"LEITZ WETZLAR TELYT 200mm F4 SN.2239960" is in stock.
It is lightweight and easy to carry even among TELYT of inscription balls
It becomes one with high descriptivity.

Higher contrast high-definition color and stereoscopic effect with openness
It is a telephoto lens that makes shooting fun.

By using the mount adapter, mirrorless camera and
It can also be used with EOS digital machine, F mount machine.

Mount becomes Leica L39 mount (VISOFLEX).

The serial number is 2239960.
It seems to have been manufactured from serial number in 1967.
The aperture is 4 - 22 and the number of blades is 15.
Mount is Leica L mount.
The accessories are as follows.
· LEICA UVa filter
· L39 mount rear cap
· LEICA soft case

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
The rotation of the focus ring and the aperture
There is no problem in operation.
Detailed wounds and threads of aging are
It is a state that is seen as a whole
No problem.
You can see the mixing of fine dust and wiping scratches.
Also, although you can see clouds if you hold a strong light
There is no problem in shooting.

Product control number: 10194437