CONTAX T2D Carl Zeiss Sonnar 38mm F2.8 T*�E�ESA-1 flash adapter

☁ECONTAX Contax ☁Ebr>This is a high-end compact camera of Contax
It becomes "CONTAX T2D".
The lens attached is
It becomes "Carl Zeiss Sonnar 38mm F 2.8 T *".
The serial number will be 036563.
The shutter speed is 1s-1 / 500.
The aperture will be 2.8-16.
The number of aperture blades is seven.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Dressing box (with outer box)
-Two straps
·instruction manual
・ SA-1 (boxed)

Operation has been confirmed.
AF / MF works normally.
The shutter and aperture operation is also good.
There is no problem with winding.
Although the liquid crystal lighting check of the data back has been made, such as over the letter,
All operations have not been confirmed.
There is a feeling of use, but there are small scratches and dirt,
It is not something that stands out big.
The battery cover was very dirty.
There is contamination of dust, but
It will be clear.
There is no problem with the bright frame and display in the viewfinder.
Visually there is some contamination of dust, but
It was not possible to confirm mold and cloudy.

Product control number: 20597413

Product status: B / good item