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LEICA M3 SN.852856 double stroke 1955model


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I can not remove it when I talk about Leica
It is the arrival of the great model, "LEICA M3 SN.803352".

Many photographers and
Leica has been haunted by photography lovers.
Among them, the highest rating is received
It is also said that "the first and best M-type Leica"
It becomes "LEICA M3".

This one of the arrival of this time is an early type made in 1955
It becomes a model of double stroke.
The winding lever is wound twice with a short feed
You are attracted to the classic camera's quaintness.
An eyelet called an early type specific dog ear
Shutter speed has a taste in the continental series.

In addition, shutter sound is only with the initial model
Tasteless or moist and with aji
Sounds like directing a high quality space.

Anyway, everything is made
It has exceptional quality with other cameras.

The world changes from the moment you get it
The ultimate camera "LEICA M3"
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 1000s.
There is no accessory.


It will be confirmed operation.
Opening and closing of shutters, winding and rewinding
There is almost no problem.
Slow 1s may become unstable
The shutter may not return.
[Sure and wounds over time, as a whole,
Dirt and rust are seen.
The double image is in good condition.
There is no problem switching the bright frame.
With strong light Chile and
Corrosion can be seen in the finder.
It is in a relatively clean condition by visual inspection.
Scratches and threads due to use over time
There is a slight rusting.