LEICA M4 CHROME SN. 1271562 Made in 1970

Leica who has captivated a number of photographers and photographic enthusiasts in all ages.
Among them, it combines the charm and ease of use of classic cameras,
It is modernized, M type which is said to be the most advanced in maturity stage,
"LEICA M4 CHROME SN.1271562" is in stock.
It seems to be manufactured from the serial number in 1970.

The viewfinder is 0.72 times the general size, and it is stronger at wide angle than M3.
The frame features a wider range of "35 mm, 50 mm, 90 mm, 135 mm".
It becomes an oblique crank from the rewind knob, and ease of use is considerably larger than M3
Since it is improving, it is easy to use even though it is a camera that I love
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The shutter speed is B, 1 s - 1/1000 s.
There is no accessory.

In case

It becomes operation confirmed.
Open / close shutter, hoist rewind, etc.
It is a condition without problem.
There are many slacks and small scratches over the years and it is in a state where you can see the use of all owners.
There are no cracks on gutta percha, too.
You can see the fogging.
Bright frame keeps the state without problems.
There is no problem switching frames.
Double image match can be done, but the motion is slightly dull.
No problem.

Product control number: 10196600